WELP! I did it folks. I am a new mommy. I have been away from Moms In The Industry to take some time to enjoy our newest addition, and trying my best to focus on healing. Her birthday was completely unexpected. Have you ever has that one thing that throws everything off? I mean it totally went the way it was meant to, but not at all how it was planned? Well that happened, but what an awesome surprise to have her a day early.

I am excited to relaunch moms in the industry very soon. I even have some amazing moms waiting to share their experiences with you. I’m looking to bring this site back in a way that it can continue to help moms in amazing entrepreneur industries.

In the meantime I thought I would check in and tell you a bit about my experiences so far. I look forward to highlighting each topic on this site when we conduct our relaunch.

A few things that my girls didn’t tell me and titles for some upcoming talks were as follows:

  • OH those stretch marks: Final month of pregnancy and they arrive.
  • Why doctor are you going out of town on my delivery week? YOU are the one that told me my due date Mr. Doctor
  • SLEEP hahahbwahahahah … no seriously what is that? I feel like I used to know its meaning at some point before my life drastically changed!
  • C-SECTION?!? I’m sorry I misheard you. That is the total opposite of everything I’ve been working towards during this 9 month term
  • Dear Pediatrician…I think I want my baby to be okay WAY MORE than you do. Vaccination at 6weeks does not follow my plan
  • STRANGER IN MY HOUSE. Did my husband change or did I. Will we ever go back to normal. 
  • No really my hair is literally falling out.  So this IS a real thing. Clip in extensions here we come!
  • OH THE OPINIONS. Thanks but no thanks. I think I know this baby a little better than you do since I’m up with it when your sleep. Oh yeah and when your not sleep, still with the baby.
  • Wait, where is the dog? Don’t worry you’re still mama’s baby
  • I guess I will just stand in the corner to breastfeed my baby. This is gonna go real smooth. 
  • When will this bleeding STOP? 
  • YES! I CAN WORK.. I CAN WORK..wait never-mind I just had a baby and we haven’t prepped her for mommy not being around for 12hrs. Oh what’s that? I’ll never work in this town again? Gee thanks.
  • Yes your body can shut down on you… REST!
  • I hope I don’t F&!% this up.





featured photo courtesy of youtube

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