New Beginnings


My Rebirth is here.

Welcome Jocelyne-Michelle Elie

I have a new beginning because of the birth of my daughter. I always look at life in phases and chapters, having the experience of giving birth to my first child is something spectacular.

Now what about my entertainment career you may ask. Well funny enough I thought it was done as in completely over. Even though I created this platform I had a sense that maybe my time as an actor singer songwriter was finished. Until this happened…

I was taking care of my 8 week old daughter when I received a call from my manager that I had an audition for McDonald’s.  Shocked and thankful I told him I couldn’t possibly go. I had no one to watch JoMi and I am still healing from my c-section. He said, “girl you need to figure it out this is McDonald’s”. I knew I needed to pray and figure out how I can audition with my baby.

Sure enough after praying I was able to have my father in law meet me at my audition location. That evening I got the call back. I went in to the call back audition with a totally different attitude than my auditions pre baby. I had a pure purpose to get things done because my boobs are telling me I need to feed a little one very soon. This purpose took away my jitters. I literally attended this audition with the mindset of I hope I’m what you are looking for if not I have to go because my time is limited and precious. Before I would go into auditions feeling anxious, nervous, and timid. I don’t have the time to feel that way anymore.

After the call back, it wasn’t until the next day that I receive the call that they loved me for the lead, a part that I didn’t initially audition for.  I praised God because I knew that it was because of Him that I booked not one but two national McDonald’s commercials and two internet campaign videos.

In that moment I realized that what is for you is for you regardless of the circumstance. Make your vision board, believe in your destiny, and tell your victories to others.

Being a mom is tiring, but it is also rewarding. We are a part of an official club that needs attention and support. I’m blessed to be a part of the moms club and proud to still say I am an entertainer.

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