GET MONEY! This Mom Hustle Is Real

Ok here I am with transparency folks. This mom hustle thing is not for the weak. So you want your family? You dream about your two kids, your fabulous husband, the dogs, and the pretty picket fence? I’m telling you right now it doesn’t matter if you are with a Saudi prince! You are going to want to have your own money.

Now this isn’t for everyone. Some women like to be completely taken care of and trust me, I do not feel that there is anything wrong with that.  If, however, you value any pea size form of independence you are going to want your own coin.

As a full time mom achieving your own coin is virtually impossible. Example, you get back in the work field and the majority of your check will have to go to daycare because you are not living in the state in which family are able to assist with your little one. Your significant other is also working their behind off to provide and that is where the majority of the bills are being paid so why ask them to “do more”?

Trust me I am in circles where all of us new moms are still trying to figure it out. Since this organization is all about getting in the know for moms who are trying to figure it out, I thought I would share some ideas that have come across my desk.

Mystery Shopping

Pros: As an actor I get to fulfill my covert undercover muse by pretending I am someone I am not. My whole goal is to report to bosses the behavior of their employees.  Oh and who doesn’t love to shop? #itsalotoffun

Cons: The reports are extremely tedious and the pay is barely enough to get your nails done. However, getting that mani pedi is sometimes all you need. The other con when it comes to mommydum is that they don’t want kids on the shops. This is a perfect time to communicate and coordinate with friends or a spouse for a couple of hours.

Here are some tested companies that are about our life:


Pros: You have the power to say you are unavail and they will have to work around your schedule. It also keeps you in that fresh out of the house business mind. If you are anything like me negotiating the price of a reese cup in 7-eleven can get old really fast.

Cons: For us entrepreneurs and freelancers we never want to feel bogged down. The money is halfway decent, but coming from something that we love doing to something that we have to tolerate is a rough transition. As you look at yourself in the mirror and notice it may be time for jeans that fit, just know that the job is just what it says, temporary.

Here are some solid companies in the field of property management, in the LA area. Check the web for temp agencies near you.

Delivery Services

Pros: You are still your own boss

Cons: Where do I begin? I have some safety concerns when it comes to this. I didn’t know what to expect so I tried it. I found that some days it may be for me, but most days not so much. If you do try to give it a whirl my recommendation is to be smart, be aware of your surrounding, and share your stops with your significant other or friend.

I’ve only tried one on the list below, but am definitely going to try the others.


Here is a recap of what other moms did. Though these do not always have immediate returns, it has helped them be successful while being a mom.

Visit IMC to learn more about the moms who have done it.

So mama’s this is a start. Try it for your sanity. Let me know how it turns out. Remember you are not alone. We are a community of one. We all go through very similar experiences and our goal is to help you by letting you know what worked for us.

Get Your Money!

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    Keep up the great work. You are very ambitious and a great motivator to those who are trying to maintain or regain momentum with their finances. God’s Blessings to you and to everyone who heed your counsel.

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