Am I Really Working or NAH…?!?!

Well I guess we can add this one to my Mental Therapy section too. There are a lot of new moms and hell old moms too that feel like they are in a lule. How did this working influenced dream, inspired to be a boss woman, become so…, dare I say, domesticated.

Well here are a few breakdowns for you. You are even more a boss then what you were before your kid(s). Check out the bullet points:

  • You schedule everything– You are the ultimate appointment setter, from doctor appointments, to kids practice, hell even to go out with the girls (in that one hour allotted for your social time). You are a scheduler.
  • You can multitask your ass off– I literally found myself washing the dishes, changing the channel to something more baby appropriate, fixing breakfast, and giving the dogs water, literally all at THE SAME DAMN TIME! Only mom bosses can do that. I asked my husband if he could take out the trash, change our daughter, and start her bath. He literally got upset and told me I am telling him to do too many things at once. I laughed and said I would do it and just asked him to take the trash out.
  • You are an accountant: I am not able to work because child care is too expensive and kind of not the right move for our family right now. With me not working being the case I have to budget our finances. Since my husband is also a freelancer and a business owner this takes a very meticulous mind. I have to push aside my shopping wants and focus on snacks and sports supportive wardrobe for the kids. Dare I mention staying on top of the bills. Hey babe the gas bill is due. Babe I’m going to go ahead and pay for the all star camp with this payment. Oh I am going to put a little on this past due gas bill. We will be okay let’s go grocery shopping instead.  Please tell me ladies that I am not the only one wheeling and dealing here.
  • You are a mediator, counselor, and admin representative for EVERYONE. The titles speak for themselves. Let your mind wander with this one and I guarantee you that your thoughts are accurate on all fronts. Only bad asses can do it with grace. 

The aforementioned, my fellow industry and entrepreneur moms, is just a tip of the iceberg of all the things you do, and then there is you. The actor, director, artist, dancer, musician, producer, trainer, the absolute dreamer and achiever is still here amongst the mom and that makes us super human.

Allow yourself to get frustrated when you fall asleep at 8pm instead of updating your website, but don’t give in. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you feel, but use that feeling as motivation and inspiration to do the things that you were put on this earth to do. Your role as a creative was beautifully enhanced by adding that of motherhood. Let’s be sure to look at it as an added challenge and not an added hinderance.


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