Welcome to the IMC Club: Maria Wills

October is National Bully Prevention Month and Moms In the Industry has a mom who has taken this issue head on.  We are absolutely honored that she has joined our prestigious club. Ladies and gents Maria Wills.

To allow parents, children, and teachers to start a conversation for this necessary topic, Maria created a super hero childrens book with her lovely daughter in mind. As mother she wants to protect her child from all entities known and unknown. As a #MomBoss she not only cares about her kid but of other children who are going through bullying and tough times as well. For that, Maria Wills, this new family that you are now inducted in salutes and thanks you.

Maria’s amazingness doesn’t start and stop with this life changing children’s book. New member of I.M.C. is also a radio/tv and event host, as well as a vocalist. We know here at the Industry Mom Culture that this star is just starting to rise and we are now able to call this star one of our own.

Check out how she manages success, trials, tribulations and balances momlife all at the same time. Her views on how she handles those in the industry that treat her differently because she is a mom, is all here in her interview.


Take a look and tell a friend. Again, it is possible to have your kids and your dreams too. Here is proof just check out all the moms that we have so far in our little community



Again welcome Maria Wills to the Industry Mom Culture Club

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