The Dreaded And Yet Satisfying Holiday Family Photo

We are totally doing a holiday card this year, says my husband. As I nod my head in absolute cheering agreement it wasn’t until I began preparation that I realized oh I completely cheered for the wrong holiday tradition.

What colors do we wear? Where are we going to take the photos? We have to include the dogs, they’re family too, right!? Do we print these or email them? How much is this going to cost? How quickly will he, my husband the photographer,  turn the photos around? How long will I have to deal with the teenager attitude not liking the first 3 things I pick out, just for him to pick the exacts same shirt in a different color? The dogs have to get groomed. I mean I can’t have mangy looking dogs in the photos that will be going out to all of our family and friends.  Yeah ish just got real for a split second.

My great friend and creative guru for years Lyric Cross just so happen to need a model for her hair and make up tutorial. I was eager to jump at that chance. After getting the outfits for the family together, getting them in the car, grabbing a bite to eat, and shooting the tutorial video, my husband ends up taking a very important business call just as we’re ready to shoot. Oh and this special call, just invaded our small nap time window for the baby. The teenager is hangry again and now bored. The dogs are even trying to lay down and go to sleep every chance they get. After looking around and realizing that I have officially lost everyone I called an audible.

Babe off the phone, teenager get over it, infant grab boob, dogs I have treats (not really) but come here anyway alright, alright, alright here we go I hope this works (please work), and snap!

Family photo



Holiday cards for our family was just a little something saying despite the year we all still made it. We are here, healthy, and most importantly together. We emailed the majority of our cards and then posted them on social media.

I have to say this will be the first of many. As our family grows and our patience thins, I am sure this mom will have her hands full years to come. Enjoy each other and enjoy all moments. There are some families that wish they could take a family photo with the ones that they love.

Thank you to Concrete Studios LA and the lovely Lyric Cross.


Midnight: Cardigan by Bond & Co via Unleashed / Sir Charles : Sweater by Grreat Choice via Marshalls / Jocelyne-Michelle: Dress and Shoes by Janie & Jack / Xavier: Jeans by Old Navy, Shoes Retro Jordans by Nike, Shirt by English Laundry via Burlington / Luc-Richard: Jeans by Levis, Jacket and Shirt by Alfani via Macys, Shoes by Joseph Abboud via Men’s Warehouse / Misha’el: Skirt and Shoes by Marciano, Shirt and earrings by H&M


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