IMC PRESENTS: Brandee Harris

Dance Fitness Instructor, Choreographer, Creative Director and Mom


Just in time for summer, we get to highlight our very lovely June mom. Please welcome Mrs. Brandee Harris to the Industry Moms Club. As we induct and highlight a new mom every month we want to leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

This wonderful mom, Brandee Harris is the epitome of inspiration. While filming, Brandee shared with us that she was to be expecting her second child. We at Moms In The Industry and those at Zaffiro Entertainment Group were over the moon thrilled, but concerned about if Brandee would want to continue production. Well, folks continue production she did.

Brandee filmed all the way up to her final days of pregnancy. Literally her last few days before having to go to the hospital to deliver her beautiful baby boy, Brandee was interviewing and conducting class as if she was not building another person in her body. That right there folks is what this platform is all about. Showing us all that it can be done. Though you may get tired, you may get discouraged quitting is not an option. In her full interview, Brandee lets us moms know that it is okay to take a break after having a child and then get back into the swing of things. That whole interview will be on our SoundCloud podcasts station very soon.

In the meantime please share with a friend the awesome video of Brandee Harris, where she gives her take on maternity leave, how she got her start and what we can do as a community to have moms feel even more proud to be a mom in the industry.

If in the LA area please be sure to join Brandee Harris in class at the 101 Dance Center in Los Angeles, California and now you can join her via Live Stream on YouTube. As a new content creator, she has also started a movement entitled Brandee Explains It All. Be sure to check out her channel by clicking here.

Thank You, Brandee Harris, for your contribution to Moms In The Industry and welcome to the Industry Moms Club!


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