There Are No Sick Days For Moms!

With the kiddos going back to school we know that this will bring a ton of germ interactions. As we tend to care for our families we seem to forget the first part of the defense, arming ourselves with preventative measures for getting sick.

Moms do not have the luxury of having a sick day, something will always be forgotten and something will always need to get done. We love our job though, it is one like no other. The show must go on as they say. Here are a few tips for stronger defenses.

  • Vitamin C is your friend take the supplement
  • Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne, Oil Of Oregano is a drink shot that I take at our favorite juice bar it keeps me right every time. If you have taken tequila you can take this for sure.

  • A diffuser of eucalyptus  oil
  • Humidifier and/or steam showers are always a must.

We recently came across an article from the lovely Connie Deal. She has created a survival guide if you will for when the inevitable sick days come to pass and you are with the kids.  Check it out below and check out her many amazing articles some you can find on our site.


What do we do when we can’t bring our A, B, or C game?

by Connie Deal

There are NO sick days for moms, so how do we survive without sitting the kids in front of the TV all day or handing them tablets when we’re just not feeling our best and not able to be our best? While this might sound like the easiest thing to do, it often ends in them whining, fighting, and climbing all over us, which doesn’t help us one little iota. So, since moms don’t get days off, what can we do? How do we “mom” and be sick at the same time?

  1. Go for a walk. Strap the baby in the stroller if needed. Add some snacks if your kids are older.
    1. Let the little ones walk if you can so they get out energy
    2. Or, make it a scavenger hunt to see if they can find…
    3. Play, “I spy..”
    4. Make it time to listen to music (so you can get some “peace and quiet”)
    5. Play the silent game (as many restarts as needed!)
  2. Dance party inside. Use a variety of music and dance accordingly.
  3. Bust out the building blocks and keep changing what they need to build. Towers, bridges, cities… Have your child sort them by color, size, or shape and tell you how many they have of each.
  4. Ask them to help you take a nap. Read books in bed and let them put you to bed using their bedtime routines.
  5. Go for a drive.

    One last point…

    Now, for whatever reason, you’re not your best. Remember that and don’t be too hard on yourself. Tomorrow’s a new day! Maybe you’re sick or pregnant. Maybe it was a series of unfortunate events and you’re just down on your luck. Maybe you’re sad or stressed about something. So, go easy on yourself and give your kids a little more freedom too. But, remember to just pause and look at them, let them see you are listening, that you care, etc. It will go a LONG way.

    Don’t forget to be honest with your littles and say that you’re tired, or you have a deadline and need to get that task done (or whatever it is), but you’d be happy to play with them when you’re done, which should be in about  ___ minutes. Then, set a timer so that you stick to your word and don’t lose track of time.

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