Let’s get real and talk about this. Every mother that I have encountered has experienced it in some form or fashion and let’s face it, it’s one of the absolutely suckiest feelings out there. Its a feeling of inadequacy that makes me in particular feel like if I can’t give them the time that they need why was I blessed to be their mother.

I am so honored to mother and guide these kids, but when I look into those eyes and my 2-year-old asks me to play Barbie but I can’t because I have to finish a self-imposed deadline or when my teenager says lets go on a mother-son outing, but I can’t because I have to finish editing it absolutely breaks my heart. This is not an insert with an answer by the way. I am just looking for the choir to sing the song with. Hopefully, someone in the congregation has cures for this internal pain that the majority of mothers feel. If so please feel free to help a sister out.

In the meantime here are some tips and tricks I have found in my mini research.

Here are three #1 ways that can potentially help with mom guilt.

  1. MAKE A SPECIAL DAY: This awesomeness was given to us per our newest member of the Industry Moms Club, Dr. Nina Nardi. She expressed in the latest installment of IMC PRESENTS: MOMS IN THE INDUSTRY – DR. NINA NARDI, that she sets specific special days for her daughter where they go to Disneyland or do something that her little one has always wanted to do. Making life about the moment and not the absence.
  2. REALIZE EVERY SECOND IS NOT QUALITY TIME: So I checked out this article over at Parents Magazine, click the link below for the exact article, In the article, it gave examples of women who have been going through feelings that most of us have felt. What stuck out to me the most is the fact that every second does not have to be quality time. We are going to be raising some very soft children not ready for this dog eat dog world if they demand our attention and we give it every time. 
  3. KNOW THAT THIS FEELING OF GUILT WON’T LAST FOREVER: An amazing article over at link below, showed me that time does not freeze in this moment. Yes, your child may cry or pout or throw a tantrum because they wanted to spend time with you but know that when you want to spend time with them as they get older they are going to want to play with there friends. It is not a tit for tat type of thing. What I am saying is that you have to put your mask on first. When your kids see and feel that you are happy motivated and feeling accomplished that joy will rush not only to them but has the potential to run generationally.

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