Special Ways To Sneak in “MOM TIME” And The Awesome Moms That Do It!

We get it everyone says to make time for yourself, have self-love, be selfish every once in a while, but all of these wonderful ideas can leave a mom going after dreams and ultimately at the end of her rope feel a little like Kanye in a Sway interview :

So we are not going to just point out the obvious. We scoured the internet and asked several moms to help find us some solutions. How!? If only for a moment how can I find the incling of time for me. Hopefully one of these tips can work.


This is my personal go-to when I am feeling completely overwhelmed. I inform my toddler that mommy has to go to the bathroom and I beeline for the bathroom. Sometimes I may take a pillow or comfy blanket and create my own sauna by turning the shower on. I just let the steam take over. I use this time to catch up on Marco Polos or just to have a 5 min relaxation moment. Every once in awhile I will crack the door and ask if everything is ok. Once I get the aye ok I quickly respond with, “Great mommy is still in the bathroom be out soon.” I come out feeling refreshed and at least ready for the next hour- Misha’el Elie (producer, writer, actor, and creator of Moms in the Industry)


The amazing Serena Williams mentioned that she mediates in her stolen moments. We checked out what O Magazine had to say about the latest mediation apps and here is the list that DeAnna Janes whipped up. I like to think it was whipped up just for us. Now when our little ones see our earbuds in our ear as they scream at the top of their lungs there will be a calming voice telling us to breathe in and breathe out while we let the sound of the ocean drown out their tantrums. Check out the list below:

  1. Calm
  2. Head Space
  3. 10% Happier
  4. Inscape
  5. Insite Timer
  6. Stop, Think Breath
  7. Buddhify
  8. Simple Habit
  9. Aura
  10. Sattva


Rock and Roll Country bombshell Carrie Underwood said that she works out to keep her mom sanity. We understand that not everyone can make it to the gym or hire that personal trainer, but we have found a cool way to sneak in the endorphins while getting a little you time. On ValueWalk.com they created an awesome plan to clean and work out at the same time. We know us industry moms are all about the multitasking. Click the link below to see the full article.


Abstract picture of the night sky opposite the rising sun

This is one of our faves and the absolute truth. The multi faceted Kim Kardashian said that she gets her time in after she puts the kids to bed and wakes up before anyone else in the house. I know that can seem and feel impossible at times, but us resilient moms can have the discipline of a general when we want and need to. Eating right and implementing some of the aforementioned mommy time escapes will get us to the next level while we get to and live our dreams.

We got this mama’s!

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