A Moment of Wellness and Giving Back with Chado Tea Room’s New Tumeric Tea Blends

In this Covid19 reality, one of my favorite tea houses, Chado Tea Room, created a special blend of turmeric teas to help us with a much-needed immunity boost. Not only did they create these special blends that are available online and in-person at their Torrance and Pasadena locations but they are giving back as well.

It’s important to find ways to care for our medical community and essential workers serving on the frontlines. With caseloads reaching their peaks and hospital beds in short supply, supporting medical workers is more crucial than ever. That’s why Chado Tea is donating a portion of all profits (online and in-store at Pasadena + Torrance tea rooms) from 4/20-4/25 to Off Their Plate a non profit. 

Off Their Plate is a 100% volunteer-powered non-profit organization that provides nutritious meals to hospital teams while fighting to keep restaurant workers employed. All donations fund the cost of meals prepared by local restaurants, with at least 50% going toward their employee salaries. These meals are then delivered by volunteers to hospital EDs and ICUs, ensuring that our medical heroes are well fed during a time when their full attention and expertise is so desperately needed.

This blend uniquely has the ingredient turmeric at their core. Amongst other amazing benefits, Turmeric is an herb that has proven to help with inflammation. The combinations with other herbs such as orange peel, rooibos, and ginger create a wonderful soothing variety of natural body fighting herbs that not only help your immune system but taste absolutely amazing. If you are unfamiliar with Tumeric and its natural properties or any other mentioned natural herbs please do some research. Being moms of the entertainment and freelance industries we have the characteristics of being meticulous you have to be to manage your career and your blessing of family so I encourage you to do so for yourself and research the herbs that could be helpful to you.

I had the absolute honor of taste testing some of these amazing blends and have narrowed down my favorites:

Organic Tumeric Zest:

You can not beat the citrus comfort of this tea blend. The aroma brings you in so fresh and so clean. It helped me to get over my cold. Being 3 weeks postpartum at the time I had to contact my baby’s doctor to ensure that the Tumeric could be consumed during my breastfeeding and she said we were ok. Needless to say the attributes not only helped me get over my cold but it also helped some of the pain from my c-section recovery subside. Made up of Organic hibiscus, organic rooibos, organic turmeric, organic orange peel, organic rosehips, blue cornflower, Nat blood orange and orange, vanilla, and lemon flavor. A perfect tea for getting better or just a relaxing pick me up.


This tea blend will lead me right into the summer. I am going to try it chilled too. The aroma alone reminds me of the perfect array of fruit and honey. Paired nicely with a salad, add some apples, and some candied nuts, you have yourself the perfect moment. Its a Tumeric based tea blend so again something sweet and healthy with an aroma that puts you in a relaxation mode. Made up of organic hibiscus, organic rooibos, organic turmeric, organic orange peel, organic rosehips, blue cornflower, natural blood orange, orange, vanilla, and lemon flavor this tea blend is the perfect blend to get your mind off of being quarantined and place you in your favorite spring or summer moment all the while knowing your treating your body to a healthy treat makes this moment all worthwhile.


Being from the Maryland DC area with grandparents from the south it goes without saying that I love me a sweet drink. We absolutely were raised on southern sweet tea, but every once in a while you want something that is a transition from super sweet to lightly sweet. This tea is not at all overpowering though it still has the fruit components it dazzles you with amazing floral hints. Made up of organic crushed cardamom, organic orange peel, organic turmeric, organic hibiscus, organic rose petal, organic clove whole, organic lavender, organic stevia leaf. This is truly an upscale tea blend. This is also another tea that I wouldn’t mind experiencing chilled.


This tea is a perfect transition tea for late nights. Matter of fact that is exactly when I indulged. Made up of organic orange peel, organic cacao nibs, organic Pu Erh, organic turmeric, organic pepper whole, nat chocolate flavor, nat blood orange flavor this is more of a bolder and semi-spicy flavor. If I was comparing it to a wine it would be an oak wine cabernet. I used this tea as a late-night snack, curled up on my couch, eating my favorite chocolate, while watching Homeland.


I saved this tea for last because it happened to do what most of the teas couldn’t give you everything that you want in one serving. Made up of Organic honeybush, organic rooibos, organic turmeric, organic cinnamon, organic pepper whole, organic ginger, and honey bee pollen this lovely blend gives you the sweetness that you crave, the herbal attributes needed for wellness and the boldness of a late-night indulgence. I decided to have this blend for my afternoon tea. I was beyond please to find a tea where I can have it all. Isn’t that what we all want out of life? Good health, the calm of the day and the boldness of the moment. Organic Tumeric Comfort absolutely did not disappoint.

Whether buying tea for yourself or as a gift (Mother’s Day is just around the corner!), remember that you’ll not only be supporting your own sense of calm and wellbeing, but you’ll be contributing to the wellbeing of those most vital to the fight against COVID-19.  Please be well stay safe and sip tea at a social distance.

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