Go For Mamas! We have a special treat brought to us by our great friends over at @chadotearoom. One thing that us mamas always try to figure out is how to give a proper balance to work and family. A lot of time we forget to balance with one self. Well #chadotearoom has some special blends that fit who we are. I will be sharing those and other great tips with you all this week. We are nothing to others if we only give a twinkle of time to ourselves. Let’s do this together. New month, new goals, and new perspective

I hope you gain from the experience and suggestions. I hope you feel a little more like you can conquer your day, balanced. Huge thank you to @chadotearoom for your balance teas. Don’t forget to take your Dosha quiz to see what the best wellness teas are for you.


Tea cheers to a more balanced week and may you wrap all of your projects successfully while learning from the not so successful ones. Stay safe.


Practice the balancing that you learned. No worries if you find that your time is limited because honey, it’s all about practice. This is an 18 plus year marathon if we are going to do it right and this community of mamas are here for you. Thank you again to @chadotearoom for this amazing wellness balance blend of teas. I drink #vata in the morning and #kapha at night. I’ve also noticed that it has helped with my milk supply. As a breastfeeding mom you know how we love our liquid gold. Take your dosha quiz up above then head over to @chadotearoom to order your perfect balancing blend. OK now BACK TO SET!

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