There are many women that have gone through what some of us currently struggle through when it comes to being respected as contributors in our workspace. Being a mother in this realm can be even more difficult as we deal with statements like, “I would have recommended you, but I know you have kids,” or “Are you going to be able to meet this deadline with the kids and everything?”

I want us to take a moment for the women that didn’t even get that in conversation. To the ones that had to find clever ways to operate as a mom and professional in her dream role, or even when obtaining her dream occupation. Some women flat out heard the words you are fired with no explanation except we need you 100 percent available. There are women who heard those phrases and fought for the equality that we all deserve.

Moms In The Industry wants to take a moment to just say we see you. We hear you. We understand you. When a community bands together there is no stopping them, change is inevitable. I strongly believe as we normalize mothering in the workplace we are paving the way for other moms. We are making the conversation on the desire to have children and a career a little more easier.

Here is a little message to you mamas out there doing it. Fighting through post partum, balancing being a single mom, and to those that our just breaking through the door of opportunity remember that someone pushed a little prior to you and your efforts now our helping those after you and at some point pushing will not be needed because being a mother and working in the field of your dreams will be celebrated.

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