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An invigorating creation by one of our newest IMC moms that will be making her IMC debut June 4th, Mrs. Brandee Harris. Sweat Squad Dance fitness is an intense dance fitness work out that is bound to have you breaking out new moves at your friends wedding while getting your butt summer ready.

Held at the wonderful 101 Dance Center in Universal City, this work out regiment will have you feeling empowered and breathless. Instead of sweat squad, it should be called the glow squad because it is guaranteed that each attendee will be glistening when they finish. You can even bring your kids. It is a kid-friendly environment that she created because she knows and understands the importance of a happy healthy mom. Sweat Squad also understands that is hard for mom to get a break to even work out, so bring the kids.

Brandee Harris always brings the best music to her class. You can now experience the class even if you are on the road! Simply go to her YouTube Live Feed by following and subscribing to her youtube channel Brandee and The Sweat Squad.  The thought that is put into every move and the steps that are hit on every beat is a testament to her training as a dancer for several icon recording artists. Her heart and soul is put into every moment. She was beyond the ultimate inspiration when at 9months pregnant she was conducting class full out and nailing high kicks. As she so eloquently put it ” the boss is back” After giving birth to her second son she is ready to inspire and show how a true snapback works in our reality. Check out the footage on our youtube channel June 4th, 2018 and find out more about the lovely instructor in our section of IMC PRESENTS Moms In The Industry.

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This work out is an intense hour but it has a slow impact warmup routine and a yoga-inspired cooldown routine. Your body will thank you and your instructor will thank you for giving yourself the love that you deserve.

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Make sure you check out IMC PRESENTS Moms In The Industry: Brandee Harris on the moms in the industry youtube channel here.

Click on this link to check out the sweat squad experience and Brandee Harris Explains It All Youtube Channel.

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