Go For Mamas! We have a special treat brought to us by our great friends over at @chadotearoom. One thing that us mamas always try to figure out is how to give a proper balance to work and family. A lot of time we forget to balance with one self. Well #chadotearoom has some special blends that fit who we are. I will be sharing those and other great tips with you all this week. We are nothing to others if we only give a twinkle of time to ourselves. Let's do this together. New month, new goals, and new perspective I hope you gain from the experience and suggestions. I hope you feel a little more like you can conquer your day, balanced. Huge thank you to @chadotearoom for your balance teas. Don't forget to take your Dosha quiz to see what the best wellness teas are for you.

There Are No Sick Days For Moms!

Moms do not have the luxury of having a sick day, something will always be forgotten and something will always need to get done. We love our job though, it is one like no other. The show must go on as they say. Here are a few tips for stronger defenses.

Vitamin C is your friend take the supplement
Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne, Oil Of Oregano is a drink shot that I take at our favorite juice bar it keeps me right every time. If you have taken tequila you can take this for sure.

A diffuser of eucalyptus  oil
Humidifier and/or steam showers are always a must.
We recently came across an article from the lovely Connie Deal. She has created a survival guide if you will for when the inevitable sick days come to pass and you are with the kids. 

Read Before You Eat

How many of my busy moms really pay attention to the things that we are feeding our kids and said signs that may be posted outside the very place you are getting said food? I mean really stand there in the store and google the ingredients before purchasing. I encourage you to do so ASAP! Do this not just for your little one but for you too. 

Okay, and we are back. So I see this a term acrylamide along with the general Proposition 65,


An invigorating creation by one of our newest IMC moms that will be making her IMC debut June 4th, Mrs. Brandee Harris. Sweat Squad Dance fitness is an intense dance fitness work out that is bound to have you breaking out new moves at your friends wedding while getting your butt summer ready. Dance Swear Party Burn Jam Keep Up!