Welcome to the movement known as the Industry Moms Club or I.M.C. Here you will get to meet some amazing moms such as yourself. The stories given here are surely going to motivate you and show how not alone you are.

We will be introducing you to wonderful freelance and entertainment industry moms that are willing to share with you their set back, successes, what motivates them to keep going after their passions and how they manage to balance love, family, and self. From chefs, actresses, models, photographers, producers, singers, songwriters, and  many more there is surely a mom here that you will be able to connect with.

We hope you enjoy the real life stories of the I.M.C Exclusive Members. 

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I.M.C Presents: Misha’el Elie

Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Creative Director, and Producer I am from Washington D.C. and was raised in Upper Marlboro, MD.  I biasly had one of the best upbringings that one could imagine for a child. Though, with every good there comes a little bad. Unfortunate circumstances took flight in my young adult journey with the passing of … Continue reading I.M.C Presents: Misha’el Elie

I.M.C. Presents: Julia Franklin

Co-founder and co-owner of Echo Speech Therapy   IMC: What’s your name? Where are you from? Where do you reside? JF: Julia Hammons Franklin – AKA “Jewels” to most family and friends My childhood roots are in the south – East Tennessee. After getting married, my husband and I lived in Los Angeles for 10 years. Last … Continue reading I.M.C. Presents: Julia Franklin

I.M.C PRESENTS: Ronjini Joshua

Founder and Owner of the PR firm The Silver Telegram IMC: What’s your name? Where are you from? Where do you reside? RJ: Ronjini Joshua, Born in New Orleans, but raised in Laguna Hills, California. I now live in Long Beach, CA. IMC: What is your occupation?  RJ: I own a public relations agency. IMC: How many … Continue reading I.M.C PRESENTS: Ronjini Joshua

I.M.C. Presents: Melody Jones

Owner of Melody Organics, Blogger, and Nutritionist What’s your name? Melody Jones. Where are you from? Long Beach, Ca. Where do you reside?  North Hollywood, Ca What is your occupation? Entrepreneur, Blogger, Actress How many children do you have? 1 Are you currently in a relationship? No What do you love about being in a … Continue reading I.M.C. Presents: Melody Jones

I.M.C Presents: Maria Wills

Author, Vocalist, Radio/TV and Event Host What’s your name? Where are you from? Where do you reside? My name is Maria Wills and I was born in Washington DC, but raised in Prince Georges County Maryland. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. What is your occupation? I am a radio, tv, and event host, as … Continue reading I.M.C Presents: Maria Wills


Event Planner, Producer, Love Connector, Television Personality, and Mom   We are so excited to have CeCe Counts be a part of the Industry Moms Club. As we revamp our site and information we couldn’t think of a fresher start than with this awesome mom, producer, event coordinator, love connector, and overall great friend. In this … Continue reading IMC PRESENTS: CeCe Counts


This amazing mom of 2 is a fitness instructor, dancer, choreographer, and creative director. She has danced and performed for Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Bow Wow, Lil Zane, and so many more. Her talents are many and she is sharing her insight on how she handles it all while still being an outstanding wife and mother.

IMC PRESENTS: Renee Morales

Cosmetologist, hair stylist and event consultant. This stylish mom of two can potentially do it all. Her salon Bella Totale is located in North Hollywood, CA, a suburb outside Hollywood, CA.
She has lended her creativity to tons of events, hair , and faces. All the while creating and building on one of the most important jobs of all, her legacy to her children.
Visit her shop Bella Totale via the link below and receive the ultimate care.

IMC Presents: Dr. Nina Nardi

Dr. Nina Nardi is the best there is in her field. A friend, a wife, a television personality, an amazing veterinarian and of course a dynamic mom of two. The compassion that Dr. Nardi shows to her patients is extraordinary and the education she has put into perfecting her self in her field is exquisite.


Former punk rocker signed to Interscope records, now an esthetician spa owner, wife, and of course a mom. We at moms in the industry are extremely grateful for Trina Renea` being accepted into the industry’s moms club. Anyone who creates a spa that has built-in child care we are forever indebted to. Why do you dare to ask? Well, because she gets us and she is definitely one of us.