IMC Presents: Dr. Nina Nardi

Dr. Nina Nardi is the best there is in her field. A friend, a wife, a television personality, an amazing veterinarian and of course a dynamic mom of two. The compassion that Dr. Nardi shows to her patients is extraordinary and the education she has put into perfecting her self in her field is exquisite.

On the day of filming, she lost a patient. We saw first hand that she cared not only for the patient but for the family. The whole staff was in tune and empathetic to the turn out of the day.

Check out how Dr. Nadi stars on a hit show, assists in a practice, cares for her furry patients and their parents, all the while maintaining a household and being present for her kids!

Visit Dr. Nina Nardi currently practices at the Woodland Hills Veterinarian Medical Center. She can also be seen on the Emmy nominated series Luck Dog. Follow her on IG and twitter @dr.ninanardi