I.M.C. Presents: Veronica Campbell

Photographer and  Blogger

My name is Veronica Campbell and I’m a women’s portrait photographer and owner of Voulez Beauty & Boudoir photography located in the Washington, DC metro area.

What I love most about being in this industry is the freedom it allows me to spend with my family.  Time with my husband and my two little men are so important and going into business for myself gave me the power to dictate my schedule.  I also love the fact that I’m constantly working with fellow creatives who inspire me to reach for higher heights.

There was a point when I first began my business that I didn’t feel respected by my clients or others in the industry but I believe that came from not really knowing my place yet.  What I mean by that is there are often insecurities that come along with being the “new kid in town”.  But as I began to hone my craft, have more confidence in myself and prove my abilities(to myself), then other people started to sense that in me.

Also, at times, when people would learn that I had children they would see it as a hindrance of my time.  However, having a family has nothing to do with my capability and how well I perform my job and I find myself having to prove that time and again.  I’m not sure if that’s something that will ever change.  What I do know is that any person determined to make it, can and will make it if they keep at it.  The only thing better than proving naysayers wrong is to prove yourself right in pursuit of your dreams.

Being a wife, mom and business owner is tough but definitely doable.  I don’t believe I’ve ever found a perfect balance but it has taught me how to be flexible. Instead of being so rigid with my “to do” list, I’ve learned to prioritize.  Things that have to get done, will get done and if something unexpected pops up–non-priority items can be moved to the following day. Having children made me want to continue in this industry even more than before because I wanted to show them that you could be whatever you wanted to be in life without settling.  Each day I say to them, “You can do anything you put your mind to because with God, all things will be possible.”  In saying that to them, I also wanted to be the example.

As far as “me time” goes, those days are farther and fewer in between than I’d like but I do believe self-care is important and should be made priority.  There is no way I could take care of my family and business if I don’t take care of myself.  Whether its a day at the salon and spa once a month or sitting down to read an entire book, I make sure that I put myself on my schedule.

When I’m not working in my photography business on the portrait side, I make extra income with my blog Luxe Beauty and the brand’s YouTube channel where I share inspiration, encouragement and beauty tips.  I also attend many events to advance both of my brands and make new connections with other women in the industry.

My best advise to any mom in the industry or thinking about getting into it:   Stay away from negative and toxic people.  Keep positive inspiring people around you at all times.  Even if it’s just one person, you’ll need to keep one another motivated and inspired when things get tough.  It always helps to have someone around that will remind you of what you end goal is and to get your back on track.  Also, create a vision board to keep yourself reminded of what you’re after.