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We are so excited to introduce you to this amazing Mom Kristi Roosmaa. Dedicated to her craft and her passion she is the epitome of going after and obtaining it all. The saying goes “nothing worth happens comes easy” we have to only assume that it was difficult to give up one dream in another country to pursue another find love and set on the course for new challenges, but also amazing blessings. We hope you enjoy our interview with the lovely Mrs. Roosma and be sure to check out her music video and other performances in film and music via her website, links below.

What’s your name? Where are you from? Where do you reside?

I’m Kristi Roosmaa. I was born in a beautiful, fairytale-like country called Estonia, which, for those not familiar, is a small Nordic country located in northeastern Europe. One month after graduating from law school, I took a big leap of faith by packing up my things and moving to New York City to begin my actor training at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Fast forward 16 years – I’m still living in the Big Apple and loving it!  

What is your occupation? 

I’m a singer, actress, and producer. 

How many children do you have?

I have a very curious and active one-year-old son, Parks. 

Are you currently in a relationship? 

Yes, I’m married to a wonderful man, Jonathan, who has a big heart, a great, positive outlook on life, and is very supportive of my artistic career. He always pushes me to be my best self, to keep reaching for the stars and urges me to take that extra step, which is truly fuel for my soul. He has helped me to go after goals that I previously would have thought to be unattainable.

What do you love about being in a freelance business or the entertainment world?

I love that I get to do what I believe I was put on this earth to do – to entertain! 

I believe that we are brought into this world to connect with one another and the most natural way for me to do that is by inspiring people through my artistic work. Whether it’s through singing, acting or being a part of the intricate engine that produces entertainment for others to enjoy. 

I also enjoy the versatile nature of the industry and the freedom it gives me to choose when, where, how, what and with whom I get to create.

What do wish were different in the freelance business or the entertainment world when it comes to the viewpoint of mothers in the industry?

I’d like the industry to view motherhood as a strength as opposed to something that takes away our ability to commit or produce quality work. I believe the former to be true – mothers are warriors! We are raising the next generation, and our ability to keep thriving artistically while drawing from the everyday moments the little ones we cherish at home give us, has undoubtedly grown us as people as well as professionals. Being a mom has given me a heightened ability to multitask, an enormous amount of patience, and the ultimate skill-set to be a better problem-solver, making decisions on the fly. 

From an actress’s perspective, I am more fulfilled in my personal life, and that has actually made my acting work better than ever. Drama has always been my strength and I have never had difficulties diving deep into my soul and delivering challenging material, but I do feel that motherhood has added another layer of inner depth to my work that wasn’t there before. It has also made me work at lightning speed, become more effective with time-management and also given me the skill to say “no”, when necessary. I have become really good about prioritizing where and when a project is worth putting my energy into, and what I want to focus on in my life. I view motherhood as a secret power in its truest sense. Being a mom has made me a better person!

Do you feel respected as a mom in the industry?

I feel respected for the work I do, but not necessarily as a mom in the industry. 

The mentality of having to choose between motherhood and artistic work is still around, and comes up in conversation as well subliminal messaging. I don’t believe in this school of thought. I do think you have to choose, prioritize and sort out how you want to live your life and what works for you personally once you become a mom. My son and my family are the light of my life and without question the priority for me, but I also do love to work. I think we all need to be honest with ourselves and do what feels right to us and our situation. More than anything, don’t let anyone tell you that what you’re choosing can’t be attained or is wrong. You have every right to live life the way you want! 

How do you overcome obstacles as a mom in the industry?

Just like anything else in life. I look at the problem objectively, try to figure it out, make a decision to resolve it, and then keep going. 

I believe the key is having your own little village of people you can count on. Our immediate families may live in different states and countries, but their strong emotional support from afar as well as our circle of friends who are always there for us when we need advice, a heartfelt chat, or an empathetic ear. That makes a difference. 

I’ve also surrounded myself with coaches, colleagues and a varied set of industry professionals that help me thrive professionally. It’s all about the support system! 

How do you find time for yourself, spouse, and children or are you still working that  part out? If so share how. 

It’s tricky to find the time for myself and especially now since we’ve been dealing with the global pandemic and everything is upside-down. My son is 19 months and he doesn’t stop all day long, my husband is working from home because of Covid and we do not have extra help. So, my boy gets my full attention 24/7! Right now, the industry is quieter, so I’ve decided to take some time off. The time which I usually dedicate to my artistic life are those quiet moments when he’s napping, (although, let’s be honest, that time usually flies by doing laundry and tidying up), his night-time sleep (9 pm until I go to bed), or time when my husband has some flexibility in his schedule and can look after him (he’s been wonderful – I just have to schedule it with him ahead of time due to his work schedule). Without question, it is challenging and a lot to juggle most of the time. But, I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. My weekends are sacred and all about family time!

Where can viewers find out more about your business? 

On my website

Insta / FB / Twitter / LinkedIn @kristiroosmaa 

What are your views on the state of maternity leave in this country?

As someone who comes from a country that gives an option for 3-year maternity leave and financially supports the first half of this leave, this question pour fuel on the fire for me. It’s been heartbreaking to hear the stories of women wanting to be there for their newborns but not being able to due to work constraints. To all the mamas out there who do not have the freedom to take time off the way I did, I’d like to say please be kind to yourself and stop guilting yourself. You’re doing everything you can, and only you know what is best for your family. Whatever you choose you must do, you are remarkable. 

I do think it is time for this country to start taking care of parents. Again, we are raising the next generation, and deserve maternity/paternity leave nationwide to support us. I view providing longer leave as not only healthy, but essential. 

Whether pregnant adopting or marrying into a blended family what made you want to continue in the freelance entertainment world knowing the risks? 

I can’t imagine any other way. Let’s face it – the entertainment business is far from being built on rules and logic. It is known to be unpredictable, but that is also what makes it thrilling. Instead of living in fear “what if it doesn’t work out,” I choose to replace it with curiosity “I can’t wait to see where my journey is going to take me and my family!”

How did you maintain funding when you needed to take time away to become acclimated to your industry or did you take time away at all?

I did slow down and just when I started feeling that I’m ready to get back to the business, Covid happened. Needless to say, it has been beyond challenging, since a lot of work that was supposed to happen, is now postponed. I’m sure that I can speak on behalf of so many entertainment industry professionals when I say we can’t wait to get back to work!  

Name a moment of motherhood where you felt like a complete #MOMBOSS? 

A year ago when I was 4 months postpartum and in Atlantic City getting ready for my husband to compete in Half Ironman, I got a call from my best friend Johanna, asking me to send in a taped audition for a chance to perform on “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” with Residente feat. Bad Bunny. The tricky part was that I had to return a self-tape of me singing a song in Finnish (I don’t speak Finnish!), and it had to be in by the same night. My initial reaction was that it was just too much to take on, but as always, my best friend and my husband pushed me to give it a go, and kept saying that I could do it. So, I quickly learned pages of Finnish, put my son down for a night’s sleep, pulled on a red dress, did my makeup within 5 minutes, and went to our hotel’s bedroom to self-tape. Of course, just when I was about to tape , my son woke up and threw up milk all over my red dress! Once I got him down again, I recorded my audition all while trying to hide a lovely milk spot, which of course in turn made me giggle. Giddily, I somehow successfully managed to send my tape in before midnight. I had a “YES” the next morning and had the time of my life performing with those superstars. #MOMBOSS 

What advice to you have to moms in the industry?

Motherhood doesn’t mean you have to give up on your career, goals and desires. Motherhood is a superpower that pushes you beyond what you thought you could be and helps you be the best version of yourself. Motherhood offers a fulfilled life that gives so much more than it takes! 

Thank you Kristi for your contribution Check out her music video below and share!

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