I.M.C. Presents: Melody Jones

Owner of Melody Organics, Blogger, and Nutritionist
What’s your name?
Melody Jones.
Where are you from?
Long Beach, Ca.
Where do you reside? 
North Hollywood, Ca
What is your occupation?
Entrepreneur, Blogger, Actress
How many children do you have?
Are you currently in a relationship?
What do you love about being in a freelance business or the entertainment world?
I love the freedom it gives me to live a life doing what i love on my own terms.
What do wish were different in the freelance business or the entertainment world when it comes to the view point of mothers in the industry?
I think that it is assumed a lot that a mother should have to choose between being a mom and her career and that couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact being a mom makes us even more valuable because of our ability to multi task and find balance under pressure. Being a mother has given me not only a unique point of view but an amazing lesson in patience and understanding. This has made me a better person and a better business woman.
Do you feel respected as a mom in the industry?
Sure I do, but only because I’ve learned to allow people to think and feel whatever they want. As long as I can do my job and provide for my son I’m happy. I also think that respect differs from person to person. Some people will not respect you unless you earn it from them, and you are under no obligation to earn respect from anyone. Just be yourself and work with those who resonate with you.
How do you overcome obstacles as a mom in the industry?
I’ve learned to look at “no” as direction. There really is no such thing as “no” I have just either asked the wrong question or the wrong person. Looking at obstacles as opportunities to redirect my focus has kept me afloat when I was at my lowest, and is a skill that I hope to continue to strengthen.
How do you find time for yourself, spouse, and children or are you still working that part out? If so please share how.
This is ever changing for me. As my son continues to grow we adapt to the newness of each stage of his life. He is now realizing his dream of wanting to do some acting, etc. and so my schedule has shifted to include him more in that part and it has been a lot of fun. I think blogs like this one are such a wonderful resource for moms of children in entertainment also. For us it has not been as much about finding time as it has been about making the time we have count. Paying attention to the things he loves has expanded my ability to navigate this industry and i love it.
 Where can viewers find out more about your business?
Whether pregnant adopting or marrying into a blended family what made you want to continue in the freelance entertainment world knowing the risks?
Being a young mom, I got lucky because I wasn’t really old enough to know the risks so it was easy for me to dive in. Now that I am an adult, I try to take the time to plan our route in this industry to that we can enjoy the ride, and its not just work work work all the time. Remembering to have fun is so key.
How did you maintain funding when you needed to take time away to become acclimated to your industry or did you take time away at all?
I worked when I needed to, and I made sure to talk to other moms to share and get tips on financial planning and resources available to single moms. I also looked up resources for my employers to show them the benefits and tax refunds they would receive for things like providing a private space for nursing moms to use their breast pump or supplemental childcare services.
What advice to you have to moms in the industry?
Don’t give up on your dreams for your kids, show them through your example that they are worthy of following their dreams too.
Thank you for your contribution, Melody Jones