I.M.C Presents: Misha’el Elie

Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Creative Director, and Producer

I am from Washington D.C. and was raised in Upper Marlboro, MD.  I biasly had one of the best upbringings that one could imagine for a child. Though, with every good there comes a little bad. Unfortunate circumstances took flight in my young adult journey with the passing of my mother Michelle Ricks. I set out on a quest to fulfill my destiny as she fulfilled hers.

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career in acting and singing. Moving with great strides in wake of such a tragedy I have appeared on television shows and commercials, wrote songs and created music on a broad scale. I also became a published writer and have worked behind the scenes as a creative director, producer and assistant.  However, my greatest accomplishment was yet to be achieved until now.

I found out I was pregnant as I was just getting ready to embark on the next phase of my career. Though, excited about the blessing for my family, I felt fear and doubt begin to creep in about the career I worked so hard for. I made a vow to myself, husband, and unborn daughter that I still had purpose that needs fulfilling and this blessing was just another part of it. Once making that decision,  I quickly began to notice how others in the “industry” viewed pregnant women as completely incapable. Having had received support from only a selected few, I still saw that some felt that a mother’s dream is now over because she chose to have a family. I noticed that calls and invites to events became fewer and work schedules were shortened drastically, at the time when I needed work the most. I felt the doors of opportunities that were once opening for me were now closing and insecurities are starting to set in.  Ready to consider my blessing something less fortunate, I remembered that nothing was given to me by this industry that I love, therefore not one thing can be taken away that is solely meant for me. It then came to me in a vision. Creating this movement of “Moms In The Industry ” I can come together and lean on other moms to help survive in a world that seems less excepting of motherhood. My hope is to show that becoming a mother is a beautiful occurrence no matter what industry your dreams put you in. We are the epitome of what it is to be capable.

It’s going to be fun proving the naysayers wrong while supporting other moms in the industry do the same.

Knowing what my purpose and having faith in God keeps me going. Managing my time between my beautiful step son, my expecting daughter, my husband, and myself has been a challenge and I am still trying to find a balance. I feel that having a system in place is key though.  As a creative I get so bored of routine so it is imperative that we come up with a way where we can make a much needed routine fun and somewhat unexpected. Better yet, if we make our routine habit I can finish duties early making time for self and others.

We are all still a work in progress, but there is something special about having the hope to figure it all out. I embrace the learning process. My husband is freelance as well so having a full fledge routine seems so impossible. What I am learning is that if we have a fundamental routine when surprise jobs pop up we can adjust because we already have basic movements down.

Feel free to contact me anytime via the links below.

“You can have a family and your dreams too!”- M.E.

With Love,