In LifeStyle we focus on everyday life and circumstances that may arise in with any mom let alone a Mom in the Industry. Life is short and should be exciting and interesting. When you are a mom it is said that your life is now your child’s. Well we believe that your life is your life and your child’s life is theirs. You are to guide and have fun doing it. Style is something that every creative has whether it is something we all like or not style is a form of self-expression. Why not add style to your everyday life.

Live Life in Style

  • In Mommy & Me Time you will find the coolest non boring places that both you and your child can see as well as things that are fun right in the comfort of your home.
  • In MOM is a MOM- Blended Families you will find advice on how to deal with certain situations that come along with being a mom in a blended family “step”, adopted, or otherwise
  • In Remembering Your Lover you will find ways to keep it fun and interesting in your relationship. Being a mom doesn’t mean don’t have fun as an adult.
  • In Yeah Moms Do That you will find most extraordinary things that mother’s do to prove just how bad a%! we are. You might want to even want to bucket list it.
  • In Pet Mom you will find that having a furry human is being a mom too. Tips and tricks are in this section to help with attention while in your busy schedule and knowing you’re a mom even though those around may think you just have a pet.
  • In DIY you will find ways to keep your creative sanity while on a freelance budget. After all we are creatives.


We hope that you learn and are inspired by topics in this section. Our goal is to help you maintain a happy healthy interesting and exciting lifestyle. As Moms in the Industry the mundane day can make our creative go away!



We always have times where we could use some peaceful moments to ourselves. Well put that creative bug to good use in some of these peaceful moments. You will feel a sense of pride when you create an artful masterpiece that is actually usable.   Do It Yourself instead of paying for it. We have some … Continue reading DIY