Pet Mom: Adopted Furry First Born



Midnight Lou Elie

A lot of couples tend to get a pet to see if they can handle taking care of a child when the time comes. Me and my now husband were no exception to this idea, together for 3 years and living together. My want for kids was revving up, but where we were in our lives and our relationship, it wasn’t the right time.

Our thought was if we can take care of a puppy, training him and taking care of him then we may be able to handle a little one of our own when the time comes. We took this process very serious just like any other adoption.


We researched what would be the best breed for us. We narrowed down a few of the ones that we absolutely knew wouldn’t work with our lifestyle, but remained opened to others that might.


The shelters can be a very depressing place, but when you go there with the thought that one of these beautiful animals will be in your care and free captivity, it truly will warm your heart. Our little life changer was in a cage with a bunch of Chihuahuas. We never came across his breed in our research but when we saw him we just knew he was the one.  We went home to see what a Catahoula was and were excited to know that he would fit with our lifestyle.


Once we decided to move forward I wanted to bond with him just to make sure our personalities clicked and boy did they. It was the best experience. I would come there everyday all the way up to adoption day.


Adoption day was life changing. I, up to then, never felt so much joy. I knew my world was changed for the better and it had. Just like a kid I had to get him insurance teach him and guide him.

Some people won’t understand the love that you have for your adopted furry baby, but that’s ok. Your love is for you to understand. Your joy is for you to feel. Make sure that you build the bond with your furry baby and that you care for him or her as if you birthed them yourselves. After all just like children they never asked to be here and all they want is love.

written by Misha’el Elie