We always have times where we could use some peaceful moments to ourselves. Well put that creative bug to good use in some of these peaceful moments. You will feel a sense of pride when you create an artful masterpiece that is actually usable.


Do It Yourself instead of paying for it. We have some cool ideas that are also connected to our pinterest page. We look forward to sharing them with you here.

DIY: Tablescapes by CeCe Counts

Our newest ICM Mom CeCe Counts is sharing her knowledge on how to put together beautiful tablescapes… yourself! Here is the latest entry in our Moms In The Industry section Lifestyle: DIY

DIY: The Reusable Jar

I can be a hoarder. There I admitted it. My supplier to my hoarder condition is basically any candle manufacturer, but most commonly used would be that of Bath and Body Works! My household gets so annoyed with all of the used candles that I just keep in the closet. Why do I keep them … Continue reading DIY: The Reusable Jar