Mommy & Me Time: High Tea

My favorite thing when I was a kid were tea parties, heck it still is. My mom would pull out her fine china and put a fancy table-cloth on our kitchen table for high tea. She would always have a setting of four when it was just the two of us. We wouldn’t fully dress up but we would absolutely look our best before coming to the table. We would have cookies and talk about the latest happenings.

In that experience she taught me manners and proper etiquette that I cherish to this day! With an amazing tea party she not only made sure I had fun, but she enjoyed the time as well.

As an adult one of my favorite places to go for high tea in California is the Chado Tea Room. The Hollywood location is the one closest to me and it is just wonderful. The courses, the history, and of course the tea.

This would be a great place to take your child, boy or girl, to teach them proper etiquette manners and a simple new experience. They have locations in Pasadena, Downtown LA, and Hollywood.

Moms In The Industry is currently working to have a special discount reserved for our subscribers. We will keep you posted. In the meantime check them out. They are absolutely fantastic.

If you are out of the Southern California area and have some awesome locations for tea please email us so we can check them out and share with other moms.

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