Mom The Teacher

We are super excited to share with you a little gem that came across our desk. As recently read in another mom blog by @JessCarterHarris  we are our kids first everything. A teacher is one of many on that very long list. recently caught our eye. I remember having similar worksheets when growing up. I found them fun and interesting then and my little one does now. This site is perfect for me and my toddler as we explore the depths of her mind at such a young age. It is my job to have her as prepared as possible and as we trace, count, discover and spell, we are ultimately spending time together that we will both enjoy.

In our industry, it can be difficult to go over homework as our hours are long and intense. What is a good time to give our input and help our little ones with their education? Making mommy and me time is a must. Our kids look up to us and want to spend as much time with us as possible. Why not make it a coloring tea party or a park exploration where you count the sticks then trace the number that you find on a worksheet. has that for you on their site.

They have worksheets on there for older kids as well. As my son enters his jr. year of high school I will be sure to have these on the days he has “no homework” to let him know you are always working and striving for the best. Just as we are. We expect no less from you.

Check out the site below and exclusively for Moms In The Industry, has given us a worksheet just for you. Click on the kindergarten maze kayaking to print out your worksheet.





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