Moms Informed


The more you know the better you are equipped to handle any situation. When finding out I was pregnant with my first child I had absolutely no idea where to start. Confusion fear panic then the willingness to get things done all set in. 

The moms informed section is what moms in the industry considers one of the most important section of the entire site. Here we are hoping to answer questions that you may have had, but didn’t know where to go to get your answers. 

Moms Informed is all about informing you of the latest recalls pregnancy updates day care options medical studies and prep for your child. As a freelance or entertainment based mom time is never on our side. The research alone can be a daunting necessity. Moms In The Industry is hoping the the Moms Informed section and be your one stop shop. 

If you don’t find your answers here just shoot us a message and we will try our best to get the answers for you. We understand the hardships that come along with a busy lifestyle so allow us to take at least one thing off your already full plate.