Fashion: The Borrowed Look Is In

Finding out I was pregnant didn’t effect my wardrobe right away. I could still fit in my Levis stretch jeans and H&M sweatshirts. I still wore the sexy little black dress and the 6 inch platform F’me boots.

Towards the end of my first trimester however I began to feel a little pudgy. No worries, I told myself I can just get the Tummy Sleeve. Side note ladies this is a must. Click on the link to find out more. Once my thighs turned into the Incredible Hulk without the muscles, it was time to accept that I needed to transition into maternity wear.

I went over my friend Angela’s house, who is a future I.M.C. mom. She had just had her little boy not too long ago.  I told her my situation and with tons of laughs she blessed me with all types of maternity ensembles that definitely got me through my days. She then let me know of a few websites I could go to if I wanted more. She lastly stated when in doubt go to Target.

Ladies pay it forward. Go to Thrift Shops & Goodwill stores. Purchase oversized ensembles if you are thinking the same thing I was. I was never a fan of stripes and plaids when growing a belly or the look at me I’m pregnant look.  Chrissy Teigan and Kim Kardashian can rock the hell out of a maternity look, however I do not have their commas in my bank account or their sponsorship, yet.

As a freelancer and up and coming artist money is tight because we are sacrificing for our dreams. However, a bad wardrobe is bad for business because in our industry whether in front or behind the camera image is important.  For some reason Jessica Simpson, Pea in the Pod, and Motherhood prices make us feel that because you are having a baby you have the surplus of income.  Well that is the total opposite and clothes should not be your financial worry.

Here are a couple ensembles that were all under 60 bucks:

Misha'el Preg Commercial Shot

Borrowed from Angels’s Closet. She told me she bought it from on sale for about $60. Being that it was borrowed my cost was $0. Shoes not pictured but mine.   Photo credit to Luc-Richard Photography



White jacket was pre pregnancy cost me $0. Shirt is Rachel Roy on sale for $14 at Macy’s. Jeans are Indigo Blue Maternity Jeans on sale for $25 at Macy’s. I all ready had the glasses, shoes and handbag pre preggo. All and all this ensemble cost me $45 bucks with tax. I think $45 is worth pulling together a fashionable pregnant look. Don’t forget you can interchange these pieces you don’t always have to wear them together. Photo credit to Luc-Richard Photography