What if everyone in the entire world got to do exactly what they wanted to do? If everyone completely lived in their purpose wouldn’t the world be a better place or am I just naive and gullible to think such a thing.

Proving to myself that I can achieve the goals that God has set before me has been challenging to say the least. My added fire is my daughter. When I want to quit because life seems unfair and too hard I remember her face and what I intend on teaching her. I am reminded that I get to cultivate a piece of a new generation of doers.

She gets to say she was taught to absolutely never give up on something she wants. She will also be taught when its healthy to move on to something else, once its realized and made clear that what is for you will be made yours.

I want to fully encourage moms out there to not lose yourself in your motherhood. If you have had other dreams or aspirations that are still desires today, go for them as hard as it may be and for as long as it may take. You owe it to yourself to finish and achieve the desires of your heart.

I remember my mom going to school at night studying until the wee hours of the morning then helping me with my algebra homework after. She was the epitome of a working mother. She was an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, co-worker and friend. I have been left a wonderful example of what a go getter truly is. I was left an example on how a queen rules a kingdom.

Was I selfish because I wanted to be with my mom and not at my grandmother’s a lot? Absolutely! Did she feel bouts of guilt for going to school or working long hours? Absolutely! What she wasn’t able to live to see however, is that pushing herself and making those sacrifices stayed with me for the rest of my life. I rarely remember her not being there. She made sure I was around love, but besides that, I saw her hard work come to life. I saw the success that she achieved and I saw how impactful she was even in her afterlife.

So all my moms out there. If you didn’t have someone to show you how to rule YOUR kingdom. Let me lend you my mothers synopsis. Know that there is so much more detail to her story, but hopefully my moms story can help give you the courage you need.


Michelle worked for the World Bank. She reached her ceiling at her job and now needed a bachelors degree. She was being passed up for promotions even though she knew how to do the job. She had a daughter and a few years later a son. She was blessed with a loving supporting husband and family. She went to night school and received her bachelors, but to never be slighted again she didn’t stop there. She went for her masters too. Though she wasn’t able to walk the stage because of her passing she was honored with her masters and was spoken highly by her professors, classmates and even other companies.

What makes this so dynamic is that she ultimately did this for her. In the process her family was able to see how she handled situations with grace. She reigned so beautifully. I hope you can see how she influenced so many and I believe that if you didn’t have hope that you can gain some hope through my mothers story.