THERAPY: 365 Moments of Peace for a Woman’s Heart – Reflections on God’s Gift of Love Hope and Comfort

When I was younger I would go over my grandmother’s house and she would always watch preachers on the television. She would always be listening to gospel music. As a PK (preacher’s kid) I was so over hearing about God 24/7. I felt they could have been a little cooler but still reference God.

Now that I am older and have been through some thangs I understand and thoroughly appreciate why they did what they did so often. The older you get I have notice the more aware of circumstances you are. The more help you need. The help can’t always come from a friend or family member either. I am talking about the type of situations that made you click on Mental Therapy. The one’s that only a Divine power can get you through.

I have always been in touch with spirituality. I would have to say more so when my mom died because that is when I realized that this life we have is precious, not a game, and something that should be used.

I told my sis/best friend Brandy about my vision for my year 33. I told her that I truly felt that his was my divinity year. The year that doors will open, blessings will start pouring in, and my lessons learned would now need to be applied. In telling her this she bought me this book on my 33rd birthday and man though I don’t read it every day it has been right on target for the things in my life. Below is an excerpt for today.

If this book doesn’t do it for you find one that does. Something where you can read it before you go to bed or before you start your day. It will make you feel even more in tune with your purpose.

Let’s face it as moms in this industry we need all the prayer and meditation we can get to help us stay focused and stay on track to what our goals are.