We all know life is hectic and that is saying the absolute least about it. However, there is something to be said about what I like to call the final hour, my final hour of the day. You know that moment where your son is off to late night basketball practice on his own because he is a 16 years old man child, your husband is away at work handling the late night set, all errands have been ran, the dogs have been walked, and the baby has been given her bath, fed, and alas put to bed. A serene quiet then falls about the house and the only sound echoing out on this 76 degree night is the a/c.

That moment right there where I look around knowing I could wash the dishes and straighten up her toys, but something deep down inside tells me to sit down and enjoy this moment. I call that moment my final hour of the day. The hour where for the first 55 seconds I am utterly confused on what to do because there are no pressing issues. The hour where I am able to have, dare I dare utter the words. A breather.

I want to encourage other moms and hell dads too, just embrace the moment. Can you be doing more? Absolutely! However, for your sanity in life, enjoy that final hour of the day.