How do you do it? I don't think I could ever be with someone who has a kid. You don't know what its like to really be a mom. Oh, wait I forgot you have two kids, well you know what I mean. Oh, you didn't actually birth that child, but you will know what I mean when you get your own. Your not my mother. My mom doesn't like you. Your overreacting, my kid loves you. It is unfortunate that I have heard one if not all of these statements at some point in my care for my bonus child. The good, bad, and ugly have come out in parenting and giving the love needed to the child that I agreed to help raise. From extreme dealings with the birth mom and her family to arguments on the way he should be raised within my own family a lot of prayers and yes therapy was needed. Having your own child then turns things upside down mentally for everyone and add our industry into the mix and you can create the perfect storm to a volcanic blow-up. But check this out!

What’s New On Our Site: I.M.C Mom Ronjini Joshua & Lifestyle updates

Hello our beautiful Freelance & Entertainment Industry Moms I hope this post finds you well.   Moms In The Industry: Industry Mom Culture I.M.C presents a mom who owns her own PR firm. She speaks with I.M.C candidly about her struggles and her victories of being a mom in the industry.     LIFESTYLE We have some … Continue reading What’s New On Our Site: I.M.C Mom Ronjini Joshua & Lifestyle updates